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Nuudii System offers boobwear body essentials made with your shape and lifestyle in mind.

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2 months ago

I've been using Nuudi bras for years and they have expanded their line to include underwear and bodywear, which I have not purchased and I'm not entirely sure of the quality of. I'm sure I've bought at least 5 and find them the most comfortable bras I've ever come into contact with. Unfortunately, their prices have already increased and they tell you on their site that they only expect their product to last between 9 months and one year (with a warranty of only 90 days). This is true without a doubt, per my personal experience. Being that the Nuudi bra is made primarily of Nylon, this makes sense; it snags easily, seams get frayed, and I often found that they were prone to rips where the nylon meets the band on the straps and at the front. I have had problems with both sizing and styles; it took them a very long time to expand their sizing to even XL and I always felt the band was too tight for me on the LL's I bought. I also bought one of their halter styles and found it so uncomfortable after a try-on (it had so little give that I felt my neck was being weighed down) that I never touched it again. In fact, it seems this style has been discontinued. If you're a typical consumer you might agree it isn't worth $100 to keep you in bras every year when you can buy one at any other reputable place and see it last 10 years. However, I'm not a typical consumer in that I will always prioritize my personal comfort. However, I don't currently have any plans to purchase from Nuudi again.

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