Muddy Bites

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Muddy Bites makes crunchy mini waffle cones filled with milk and dark chocolate, offering the best part of an ice cream cone in snack size.

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November 2018
November 2019
South Dakota, U.S.
Jarod Steffes
Tyler Devos
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About Muddy Bites
We took the best part of a sundae cone and turned it into a bite-sized snack! These crunchy, light mini waffle cones are filled with chocolate for a delicious treat that you get to enjoy over and over again. Currently available in Milk and Dark chocolate!
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Muddy Bites

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Yummy low-cal sweet snack. Perfect wafer. If you like the ice-cream cone more than the ice cream, these are for you. The dark chocolate is my favorite.

High qualityInnovative productCool look & feel
9 days ago

Tastes exactly like the end of a real ice cream cone!! This is the perfect bite-sized snack and the chocolate tastes amazing! I could eat the entire bag.


I love the classic cone with the chocolate but since I am addicted to chocolate, I would be interested in a chocolate cone option too!

High qualityInnovative productTasty 😋
3 months ago
🤝Friends with Muddy Bites

These are an awesome snack!! And they are yummy.

2 months ago

Muddy Bites has been really listening to customer feedback. Shipping was really quick, precut was really tasty and a hit immediately among friends, but they also took time to put in an email flow to share more about the company and the founders and their journey—seeing companies with fun, innovative ideas—led by young founders—stand out, is exciting. Muddy Bites, gmi

Easy subscription management 🔁Tasty 😋
2 months ago

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