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Mosh sells a range of protein bars featuring brain-boosting superfoods, adaptogens, and nutrients.

Mosh Reviews

Mosh reviews


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4 reviews

5 months ago

Received a free product from Mosh

I've only tried one flavor from this brand, but it's pretty good in taste. The texture is pretty soft and not overly chewy. I love that these are plant-based.

8 months ago

These are a really good bar. I like the variety of protein sources, including nut butters and protein blend. Each bar offers interesting flavors and an additive blend of superfoods for functional benefit (e.g., think lion's mane for brain health/productivity). While I can't comment on how well those work, I appreciate a cleaner protein source in a pinch.

a year ago


I have been loving every new flavor that MOSH comes out with, the combo of functional ingredients and adaptogens is perfect for the energy and productivity boost I'm looking for when it comes to protein bars. Plus the brand's mission and purpose is super inspiring, love seeing Patrick and his mom Maria working together!