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Monos creates simplistic luggage, bags, clothing, and accessories inspired by the Japanese concept of mono no aware and are designed for travelers.

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  • High-quality
  • Stylish
  • Good organization
  • Scuffs easily
  • Wheels not smooth
  • Heavy weight

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7 days ago

Love the look, the pockets/compartments in the suitcase, and their wonderful customer service. It’s been durable

Check-In Large

25 days ago

My Monos has now had a few trips with me and it's held up so well. Definitely switching from Away to Monos go-forward. Love their quality and colors!

Check-In MediumCheck-In Large

16 days ago

So far, so good! I purchased the larger carry on for my husband and it’s a great suitcase. The hard sided construction means he can pack a ton of stuff in his carry on! They also have fun colors and collabs. I’m thinking this will be my next suitcase too!


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8 days ago

I have the Check-In Medium as well as the Carry-On Pro in the Ocean Blue color. I've had them for three years now. I travel regularly, meaning 1-2 international trips a year as well as an average of 2 domestic trips a month. These are still going strong. I did have one zipper pull bend on one of it's first trips, so it is difficult to get it into the lock. But other than that, I haven't had any issues. My biggest wish is that the interior lining were removable. Shampoo spills etc. can be difficult to clean and I would love if I could just throw it into the washing machine instead.

Check-In Medium

15 days ago

I get a lot of compliments on my check-in and carry-on hybrid suitcases. A few things: Upon purchasing, these look and feel very sleek, they are light weight enough without feeling cheap in construction. They are spacious, and I have had no issues with boarding my carry-on for domestic flights in Canada (Air Canada, West Jet), but have not yet travelled internationally. Cons: It can be finicky to lock the suitcase, as any small amount of fabric sticking out of the suitcase will prevent the clasps from engaging. These suitcases also scuff extremely easily. They lose their clean, scratch-free exterior the moment you take it out of the box. I have vinyl flooring, and sliding my suitcase even slightly causes permanent markings. Expect to have your case looking worse for wear after a single trip. Though I am personally indifferent to aesthetic defects, I imagine this could be disappointment for others who perhaps hope their luggage holds up its pristine look for at least a couple of trips.

Carry-onCheck-In Large

24 days ago

I have the Carry-on, the Carry-on large, Check-in Large, Metro Backpack, and Metro Duffle. All pieces have been used extensively for multiple trips abroad and more locally. their internal design makes packing so easy and keeping things separate when needed. use the Backpack as my daily work bag for toting my lunch and laptop around, and when the zipper on my first one got jacked up the customer service was fantastic at processing my warranty request and sending me a new Bag. Over all best luggage I have ever owned and 100% worth the price!

Carry-onCheck-In LargeMetro Backpack

25 days ago

Really like the look of this suitcase but unfortunately the quality didn't hold up very well for me. I have the large suitcase in grey and it immediately got pretty scratched up after the first time checking for a flight. After about 6 months the lock broke and one of the corners got dented in and has continued to crack. Still functional but disappointed in the quality after such a short period of time.

Check-In Large

24 days ago

Really good organization for travel but for such an expensive luggage gets scratched up pretty easily

Check-In Medium

5 days ago

I travel at minimum twice a month and my Monos carry on comes with me. It’s sturdy, has lots of room and I love the colours. Overall the bag is made very well. However the wheels are killing me. It is not a smooth and easy bag to glide through the airport with. On carpeted areas I feel like I need to LUG the bag, especially when I compare it to my husband’s TravelPro. When we travel together, we end up switching our carry-ons because the Monos bag is significantly more difficult to push around.


11 days ago

Hub likes a carry-on for short business trips, and we were so happy with our previous purchases of the check-in medium that we added this. Perfect for his needs! The storm gray color is a lovely mid-grey that's gender neutral.