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Mojo makes gummies containing microdoses of functional mushrooms in order to alleviate the feelings of stress, anxiety and decreased productivity.


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22 days ago

I think I definitely felt a smidge more productive when I had one of these in the morning. It honestly kinda felt like being on Adderral without being on Adderral.

3 days ago

Friends with Mojo Microdose

These gummies have seriously changed the game for me. I could actually feel a increase in my creativity and productivity after I took one of these gummies. The change in subtle, yet effective. I really enjoyed!

11 days ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

I noticed a little productivity boost from taking a gummy before starting work in the afternoon when I typically start lagging. Unclear if this was placebo or not but if it works it works! The flavor is also great (no weird aftertaste) and I love the packaging.

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a month ago

I have adhd and when I heard that they where marketing towards people like us it seemed too good to be true. I tried it anyway and I will say maybe it’s just me but their recommend dose wasn’t enough for me. So I took 4 instead and something was definitely different. In a good way.

18 days ago

Influencer for Mojo Microdose

I loved Mojo Microdose. I tried the extra strength brain boost and I felt a difference, more productive and definitely less brain fogs. I took about 1-2 per day for a week.

5 months ago

The brain boosting gummies in strawberry tangerine are SO delicious and I *think* they work. The first time I took one I definitely noticed a pep in my step and in my mind; I felt really social and very on and bubbling with creativity. Subsequent uses were less strong, and now I can't even really tell if they are working. Perhaps my tolerance has risen and I'll have to try the extra strength brain boost.

3 months ago

Seemed to work but hard to tell. Need to use more consistently and regularly.

6 months ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

Customer service was great! I requested a sample, I received the micro dose and did notice a huge difference. The company unexpectedly sent me a second sample of the Macro dose. I took them for a week and was again more disciplined with my schedule. Never experience bad side effects. The flavor was fine with me.


Great customer service.

3 months ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

These gummies were my first foray into functional mushrooms and noticed a difference in productivity. Sometimes it'd be a hit or miss and some days I felt super sluggish but not sure if I can fully put the blame on these guys. Personally, I wouldn't take them everyday as they can be a bit strong, but it's a great addition to my overall wellness stack!