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Mojave Mallows makes a collection of organic marshmallows.

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7 months ago

I’ve tried the cocoa-dusted and vanilla flavors, and these marshmallows have a really nice, light texture and great flavor. I love the packaging design — it’s so fun, and I appreciate that it’s sustainable. Looking forward to trying some of the other flavors!


These are a delicious, thoughtfully produced treat. They feel a bit luxurious, yet well worth the money.

7 months ago

I purchased all the flavors to try and they did not disappoint! Upon opening my box of mallows, the first thing I noticed was the sustainable packaging - so simple and attractive. I took my torch and fired up some mallows- they toasted well and were not overly sugary. They are also yummy untoasted. The flavors were great and I’m super partial to the cocoa dusted and chocolate stud ones. Can’t wait to see what other flavors this company comes up with!

7 months ago

Sister in-law

What a treat! It was so nice to have this as a gift for myself and for others. I encourage everyone to support Mojave Mallows. The product looks great and tastes delicious! They are carefully made and support such a wonderful business. I will be ordering in the future.

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7 months ago

I bought these marshmallows from Amazon and ate them with my 4 year old. She said they were "so soft a baby could eat them." The packaging is adorable and easy to open.


These marshmallows are such a nice texture, and are lower in sugar, so don't give me a "sugar hangover" the next day.