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Modibodi makes reusable and biodegradable leak-proof apparel, offering a sustainable alternative to pads, liners, and tampons.

Modibodi Reviews

Modibodi reviews


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7 reviews

9 days ago

Received a free product from Modibodi

Would give 5 stars for a great customer service, quality and diverse range... However, the products are really a hit and miss until you find the right ones for you. I bought a size small in the shorts period underwear and they fit like a medium, stretch out more as I wear them and the gusset was so big that it folded weirdly. Then bought a small in a different style: gusset was right size and waist also. I really loved one of the underwear until it developed holes in the gusset after washing a few times, not even within a year. I had no idea why, never happened to my other underwear. I had to throw it away. When I searched on reddit apparently other people had the same problem: "Modibodi's gusset is made of wool, it sounds like your detergent may be damaging it" "All mine are like this. I complained to ModiBodi and they said they were only expected to last 6 months. Some I only wore 3-4 times. The vegan ones seem to last longer." "I've had my modibodi's going on 4 years now with no issues thankfully. Seeing all these replies makes me nervous though!" All to say, I would recommend putting it in a laundry bag and using a different laundry detergent. I was sent a free pair through a email promotion, they were so bulky and uncomfortable tight seams. Overall, even though each of the three had to be thrown out in the end, I still believe that there are other styles that would work for me because they are honestly good quality, nice colours and don't soak through. Bonus: Modibodi does not use PFAS! :) Still one of the better brands for period underwear.

3 months ago

Wonderful, once you get over your trust issues and find the ones that suit you. Adopting a slow fashion and sustainable approach to purchasing has been a key influence for me over the past few years. This definitely piqued my interest in period underwear. I first purchased a pair of Modibodi’s in early 2020 and have repurchased pairs since. Orders and types of Modibodi’s include: - Classic bikini light-moderate (a few) - Seamfree boyleg & bikini (both moderate-heavy) - Classic bikini heavy-overnight (a few) - Classic bikini maxi-24hrs - Classic bikini moderate-heavy - Classic boyleg light-moderate - Biodegradable bikini moderate-heavy Favorites: Classic bikini moderate-heavy, classic bikini boyleg and classic bikini light-moderate Still Pleasantly Impressed but Not my All Time Fave: Classic bikini heavy-overnight Dislikes/Not the Experience I Wanted: Maxi-24hrs, seamfree range. Note: I am yet to open and try the biodegradable Modibodi. Experience: It is strange, different and anxiety provoking trialing period underwear for the first time. You are definitely very sus about whether it works. I’d say your overall experience with them depends on your period and preferences. I find them far more comfortable than other menstrual product options and wear them almost exclusively now. Many pairs have passed the sneeze test once or twice. Their Facebook group is interesting, informative and engaging. People are very open to asking questions and sharing their mixed experiences. Modibodi often post about period-related discussions and asking if people are interested in trials. Product Comments: I find the mod-heavy bikini amazing. I regret not getting more of these earlier as I wanted to try other styles. Now I have quite a few pairs that I don’t wear (reasons below) and don’t want to purchase more right now as I have too many. Future purchases will be mainly mod-heavy. The light-mod are really good as a back up when you’re expecting your period (especially overnight so you have a bit more time if you do get it) and on the lighter days or at the end of your cycle. That way you don’t have to wear a liner or something. Some prefer to wear this style as a backup when using other menstrual products too. I really didn’t like the seam free pairs I had. I experienced leakage, I mainly didn’t find the material comfortable, it stretched a fair bit, and annoyingly gave me a wedgie. I purchased these as one of my first pairs and there are reports that they have changed the product a few times since. I probably won’t buy again as I simply didn’t like the material and prefer the classic. I tried the Maxi-24hrs for nighttime when they first came out, but I found them too bulky in the butt for me, the sizing larger and experienced leakage. They provided me another pair to try, the sizing was better but I still leaked. I guess they just don’t work for me and I probably don’t need as much coverage at the back anyway. I sent these back when Modibodi tried a recycling program awhile ago. The heavy-overnight are pretty good. I still really like them despite having issues with leaking. The idea of having the gusset going up the back and a bit higher in front is great, especially for sleeping on your back and stomach. I use these more on the night of moderate-heavy times. I often leak on the sides with these as the product design of the gusset doesn’t go to the edges of the underwear. However, they still absorb a fair bit and are comfy. The sizing was smaller than other styles so it has always meant squeezing into these (this may have changed since I purchased awhile ago). I have had a few with faults, for example, the gusset was off center causing leakage on one side, small holes, etc. This has all been discussed numerous times with customer service and they have been really good. I’ve been given gift cards to repurchase some, which is partly why I have ended up with so many. The underwear has lasted longer than I thought, some have begun developing holes in the top layer but still work. I should probably refresh my stock since some are getting old, but some I've barely used so it's frustraing when there's some you don't like and are stuck with. All underwear will leak if you push it to the limit I guess lol, just some styles do leak more for you depending on whether you’re a front bleeder/back bleeding/side bleeder (which I think is partly the issue going by conversations with others). Yes, I’ve had issues with some but I’m all aboard the period underwear train and love the ones that work for me. Other topics: Cleaning – process is actually alright, they clean better than expected. Adding a bit of white vinegar is recommended to assist. The thought of colour underwear terrified me but it cleans fine. It is always easier to rinse and clean straight away but that’s not always practical. People have a range of different ways of managing this. I generally rinse after use, hang to dry with a coat hanger (rather than leaving wet until the next load of washing), then wash properly in a bag in my normal washing load. Brand – they seem to be having sales quite regularly in the past year or so (big sales at black Friday, VIP, come back sales and other key times). They have quite a range to choose from – although often have a restricted range with colours and other new products so don’t always have my size. I like that the range includes youth, gender diversity, some adaptive options and the occasional body hair in pictures. They also conduct surveys with customers and they generally take on a lot of feedback (updating and bringing out products). I think they’ve done a good job in contributing to normalising period underwear. I think there is merit in getting a few different absorbency types (light-mod, mod-heavy, heavy-overnight, etc) at first to ease into period underwear and figure out what you prefer. However, I do wish I ended up purchasing some as a bundle as I bought quite a few over time and it would have been cheaper. Geez, I could say more but I don’t think people are going to read this long review now.

3 months ago

ModiBodi is a superior period underwear brand. I was previously a user of Thinx, but after being repeatedly underwhelmed my next order was ModiBodi. Their underwear is soft and highly absorbent. It's also very secure when I put it on so no leaks at all. Their most absorbent brief lasts me all day on my heaviest days.

6 months ago

Love these for nightwear when flow is not as strong. Very comfortable and great that they are reusable... helps cut down the plastic.

10 months ago


I use the Classic Bikini for Light-Moderate absorbency. I love these for everyday 'just in case' during my period because bleeding can be unpredictable.


Excellent product, great material, it feels like normal underwear.

8 months ago

Bought these after the PFA situation went public about Thinx-- I have one of the wool ones and one of the seamless ones. Both run on the larger size, and the wool ones are much bulkier than I would like, so I pretty much solely use them for sleeping, but they do their job well. I do plan on repurchasing when I need to. I love that you can shop by material and I love that they have plenty of styles to choose from. I have had leaks in the seamless ones, but again, I'm fairly certain that's a sizing issue.

2 years ago

Obsessed, this brand convinced me to make the switch to reusable underwear


I found that they only last around 6 months before you need to replace them.