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Misfits Market delivers organic produce, meats, seafood, and other sustainably sourced groceries for up to 40% less than grocery store prices.


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17 days ago

I love the concept of Misfits Market. The idea of rescuing less-than-perfect products and selling them at a discount is truly a noble venture. I've had both good and bad experiences, so overall have to settle on this being "Ok". Sometimes there are amazing deals, you can get quality products for far less than in store, online, etc. I've found some great brands and products, I definitely don't regret trying Misfits Market! Their prices fluctuate quite a bit. Sometimes things were listed as a "Deal" but were far less expensive locally. It's just something to pay attention to if you're shopping for bargains. Produce quality is hit or miss. Some produce lasted a really long time, some was rotten within a day or even arrived that way. Customer Service, however, was great in correcting any issues like this. Very disappointing to meal plan and have some staple ingredients be unusable, though. Overall, I think the company's mission is wonderful and will continue to buy boxes occasionally.

Weekly Subscription

2 minutes ago

I joined when they were brand new. They have improved a lot and have more options

3 months ago

I love the concept but I wound up cancelling after three orders. The produce didn't last very long and some of it went bad before I could use it (which was only a day or two after I ordered it). I didn't care for the variety of what was offered and surprisingly, I was able to get some of this produce cheaper in my local grocery store. It's too bad because I really wanted to like it.

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3 months ago

I don't care about imperfect produce, but I do care about rotting produce. About half of what they sent was already bad or didn't last more than a day or two. No thanks

3 months ago

Misfit markets was horrible. Some rotted or wilted food. Absolutely terrible customer service. Dumped them. So I tried imperfect foods and have been with them for years. They were great! Now that imperfect was recently bought out by the greedy, disorganized misfit markets, it was literally an immediate and downhill nosedive in quality and customer service. Right now, there’s not even an option to cancel. No one in customer service ever got back to me and I’m forced to take action. I even got rotted food again. Misfit markets is truly the worst of the worst. Check out their reviews. The just don’t seem to care about their customers or even the environment. They just want your money.

3 months ago

Do not use this service. I signed up out of curiosity as I had seen a lot of marketing for this product and it looked promising. When I signed up I had to attach a credit card to my account but there was NO mention of them automatically placing me on a subscription model. A few days later I get a notification from Amex that they charged me ~60$. I logged on to see that they had sent me a box of groceries that I did not authorize or order. That night I submitted a claim through customer service and did not hear back for 3 days. They then claimed they could not give me a refund because my order is "already in transit". Do not use this service as they will just take your money and give you crappy groceries.

3 months ago

After being a weekly customer for nearly two years, I’ve sadly stopped shopping with Misfits Market due to a steady increase in poor experiences over time. It’s unclear whether there’s been significant management turnover or a fundamental shift in fulfillment practices, but operations have degraded significantly since 2021. I’ve repeatedly provided direct feedback to the company about these changes, yet the quality decline has persisted and intensified. 1) There’s been a substantial, sustained increase in the amount of product arriving unusable. It’s not the result of transit damage, but instead poor and negligent origin packing. They claim to prioritize preventing food waste, yet boxes now routinely include heavy and fragile products thrown haphazardly together without protection, leaking cooling packs, unwrapped broken glass, dented cans, and bruised/split/rotten produce. 2) Missing items and picking mix-ups have also increased. Either they’ve transitioned to a far worse inventory platform or staff training has gone way downhill (or both). 3) The website and app have become increasingly buggy, with usability issues while shopping, redeeming rewards, and reporting order issues. A few of these glitches resulted in unprocessed refunds, erroneous double rewards redemptions, and other financial headaches that necessitated multiple follow ups to correct. 4) Support that used to be provided instantaneously via automated prompts is now handled via email. Reported issues can take days to resolve, and it’s a crapshoot whether the agent responding can competently resolve them after one contact. 5) Other than a small subset of produce and heavily discounted short-dated items, pricing for most inventory is now on par with, or in some cases MORE expensive, than at a local grocery/retail store or competing online source. The platform no longer offers a competitive consumer advantage (outside of perhaps serving food deserts with no other sourcing options).

Weekly Subscription

3 years ago

I love the quality of the produce and they've recently added other options like pantry goods and meat and fish. The user flow is intuitive and I like the email reminders to build my box. Overall this has largely replaced my trips to Whole Foods.


One thing I think is kind of quirky about this brand is that often the produce isn't actually ugly or bad-looking but the sizes are all over the place. For example, I got the largest mandarin oranges of my life and then the smallest romaine lettuce I've ever seen. It's tasty but just be aware that you might be surprised by the sizes.

2 years ago

I've been a subscriber for nearly 2 years, minus a few months when I moved to California before Misfits was available. I find the selection amazing and I'm able to try new brands each time. I loved that you can now mix produce with their pantry items and over the last few months, they've added wine, cheese, and meat to their deliveries!! I do most of my shopping through Misfits now and love it.


The delivery in Iowa was amazing! Super timely and everything was always perfect. Delivery in California is awful BUT customer service is amazing. I had an order go missing (quickly refunded), nearly every order is late by 10 hours to a day or two, and all of the orders I've had so far, something is either broken, rotten, or squished (also quickly refunded).