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Minus makes beanless, cold brew coffee.


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a year ago

Minus coffee is the experience of a drink served neat. It's classy, smooth and hits all the tasting notes of a brewed bean coffee with so much more. Packaging is beautiful and sustainable


A combo pack with drinks and a hat or minimum order get a free tote! A possibility for a monthly subscription to keep that fridge stocked.

a year ago

Friends with Minus

So good. I would never know it’s not made out of coffee beans! Loved the notes of vanilla.


The flavor was delicious, I’d recommend fuller/more body to it.

a year ago

Minus was delicious. Like any cold brew, when it’s nice and cold a lot of the flavors come through in a very refreshing away. I dare you to blind test the difference!


There is a sweet finish that is pleasant, but sometimes I am expecting that sweetness to be a bit more bitter. Overall, still incredible