Minor Figures

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Enjoy better coffee? Minor Figures is a London-based coffee brand that makes coffee products for coffee lovers.

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London, England
William Rixon
Stuart Forsyth
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High qualityCool look & feelTasty 😋Worth the money 💸Eco-friendly packaging
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14 days ago

The matcha flavor is yummy!

Tasty 😋
a month ago

I enjoy the oat milk barista edition, but oat milk isn't actually a healthful drink due to the high amounts of rapeseed / canola oil! Regardless, great to mix with flat whites. I don't really find a significant difference between this and the similar variant of Oatly. I also tried the Chai concentrate which is just okay -- not something I'd buy again. I expected something creamier, more flavorful, less watery, but I suppose that's something that you can add more of in your beverage if you're inclined. As it is, the amount they recommend to add is not satisfying enough. Glad that at least the products are more readily available in Singapore and Hong Kong where I found them. On another hand, it's my friend's favorite oat milk.

2 months ago

One of my favorite oat milks. Tastes great in matcha, isn't loaded with fillers, and they have fun branding, too. I'd like to try some of their canned matcha & chai drinks.


I wish the oat milk came in a larger container.

Tasty 😋High quality
3 months ago

I've only tried the oat milk, but I really enjoyed it. It's sweet and creamy, and could be used in coffee as well as in cooking as a dairy replacement.


I wish it was slightly thicker.

High qualityCool look & feelTasty 😋
a month ago

Love this brand. The Oat Mylk is my favourite & I love the anthropomorphic characters on the products. I also have some of their merch - high quality clothing with fun graphics.

Innovative productCool look & feelTasty 😋Love the brand's mission 💕Fun unboxing 📦Worth the money 💸Sustainable productsLuxuryHigh qualityEco-friendly packagingAmazing website
2 months ago

I've only tried the canned matcha & chai latte's but LOVED them, especially the matcha. Such a fun brand.


Bring matcha latte to more stores in West Village plz :) & add caffeine contents to packaging.

Lovely customer supportCool look & feelTasty 😋
2 months ago

Quite simply, Minor Figures oat milk will make your coffee experience better- especially if you're partial to a flat white. Stay clear of the light version, though. Having discovered this whilst in London, I was very sad to bid it adieu upon leaving, but what do you know, you can find it at the local grocery stores here in Australia as well!


Not as readily available as other milk alternatives.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Cool look & feelTasty 😋
2 months ago

The best oat milk IMO. Great to drink both hot and cold - doesn't separate in tea or coffee and is incredibly refreshing when cold. Doesn't have the thickness of Oatly barista (in a good way), and is better priced. I have a monthly subscription from Minor Figures so get 24 cartons via carbon-neutral delivery.

Easy subscription management 🔁Worth the money 💸Tasty 😋Eco-friendly packaging