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MìLà sells a variety of Chinese Street Food at home.

MìLà Reviews

MìLà reviews


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9 reviews

14 days ago

I thought this was fantastic - bought the shrimp and pork. I was a little sad about the soup - it wasn't as prominent (maybe that was my fault cooking) but otherwise, I thought this was a super solid meal.

4 months ago

dumplings are so delicious! the skin is a bit thick, but still very tasty! the chili sauce they provide is quite addicting

10 months ago

Absolutely delicious! Their customer service is also top notch. Dan Dan Noodle is my favorite. I like adding more chili to make even spicier. I enjoy all of their products but they don't sit well in my tummy unfortunately. I'd buy again!

7 months ago

Delicious products, easy to prepare + sauces add complexity to the overall presentation an flavor. I highly recommend! + customer service is great. I had a problem with. my first order and they addressed it within 24 hours.

6 months ago

Mind-blown. Tried these before the rebrand, and have re-ordered since. Shockingly good. If you too have enjoyed the unparalleled delight of well-made soup dumplings in maybe Flushing, NY or Din Tai Fung, or some other dim sum or soup dumpling Mecca, only to try Trader Joe's soup dumplings only to find them utterly wanting...then MiLa is for you. If you even thought the Trader Joe's soup dumplings were good, these are also for you! Also, the noodle dishes they sell too are also delicious. In particular love the dan dan noodles. Their scallion oil dumpling sauce is also worthy of joining your cart, the vinegar and chili crisp are totally good too but nothing to write home about (and I prefer others tbh). Even if you make your own soup dumplings at home, I would still consider trying these. It is so easy to steam, and they are better than any soup dumplings I've gotten delivered, and almost as good as the best soup dumplings I've had at dim sum. On my first order, I had some issue with the discounts they were offering not showing up in my cart. After some back and forth, their customer service sent me an email invoice to pay with the exact amount it should have been discounted. Definitely respected them for that move and how quickly they were able to offer that solution. Shipping was mostly smooth, one of my orders was at the tail-end or arguably missed the initial delivery window, but still showed up frozen because of their heavy duty packaging. One more thing worth mentioning, founders include 2nd generation Chinese Americans and the dumplings taste more than authentic enough to me.

6 months ago

I tried this based on an instagram ad which isn’t always the most reliable source but these things are legit! My kids absolutely love them and they are so easy and quick to steam. I’m now a repeat customer.

7 months ago

I ordered the full Mika experience. It cost $139 for dumplings, sauces, noodles, and a bamboo steamer. I chose this for a birthday for my foreign exchange student so he could have food from home. We were very excited. I ordered it close to his birthday so they would be fresher. However, it arrived without the steamer. VERY disappointing to see we can’t cook them in the steamer I purchased. (I don’t have another steamer). When I contacted them to right this by sending the steamer, preferably by overnighting it, I was told management would have to approve it. Was told I would be notified later if it would be overnighted or not. I got the email and it is NOT being overnighted. Customer service sucks and now I can’t cook these stupid dumplings for my kids bday. They shouldn’t have missed the item in the first place, but they could’ve remedied it by shipping overnight. Cheap skates is what I’ve gathered. Next, if you are trying to chat with the customer service and you hit send, you will not be able to type in their chat box again unless you hit “refresh” and then “chat now” every time. This is probably a way to keep money in their pockets and not fulfill orders. And lastly, there is NOT a spot to leave reviews. Yet, they show reviews. Very sad to see a company act this way. Almost feels like a scheme. I hope that I can cook the dumplings and that they’re good.

a year ago

Great flavor, great quality will definitely order again.

a year ago

I ordered a combo pack of chicken and pork soup dumpling, 3 noodle varieties, 3 sauces, bamboo steamer, and the dumpling dipping bowls. The bamboo steamer is very nice and I like that the liners are included with the soup dumplings. The dipping bowls are also nice and make it easy to eat the dumplings. The dumplings are good although a bit bland. I’d prefer if the “soup” in the dumpling were more flavorful. The vinegar sauce is good. The ginger sauce could have a nice flavor but is so oily it’s hard to taste. The chili sauce is also very oily. Directions for preparation were very clear. The noodles were very disappointing. All the noodle sauces were greasy/oily leaving a puddle of oil in the bowl. They were all skimpy on meat as well. The Dan Dan noodles had an odd flavor. I actually prefer PF Changs Dan Dan noodles. Directions for preparation were very good. I would order the soup dumplings again, but not the dipping sauces or noodle dishes. I would rather make my own. However they are very costly so I may keep looking for a tastier alternative or just go to a local dim sum place for better, fresh food. They have excellent marketing, but there is no where on their website to leave a review. So one has no true unbiased insight into the MiLa product on thr MiLa website.