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MIJA makes a range of supplements designed to optimize overall health and wellness.

MIJA Reviews

MIJA reviews


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2 reviews

9 months ago

Great tasting, functional supplements. MIJA really hits the perfect sweet spot between clinical and herbal in their nutritionist founded and formulated products that make a true difference without the gimmicky claims that you'll find with others. Everything is third party tested too, and everything they do is above board by actual medical professionals.

a year ago

I love everything that MIJA stands for when it comes to wellness. Firstly, the products are formulated by their co-founder, who is an actual registered dietitian and nutritionist, rather than the typical 'wellness guru,' and their products are first and foremost, scientifically-backed. Secondly, it's really apparent that their ingredient quality is phenomenal and fresh, as they opt for organic and local whenever possible. Thirdly, they're not a brand that sells many different products for the sake of selling stuff, everything they do make is very impactful, well thought out, and made for the real world (e.g. a functional creamer that packs adaptogens and l-theanine). I highly recommend everyone try MIJA!