Mid-Day Squares

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Mid-Day Squares sells a collection of functional chocolate bars made from a blend of plant-based protein and superfoods.


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5 months ago

Mid day squares are pretty good. While advertised and compared to chocolate bars, they are definitely more similar to protein bars. They taste rather healthy and work great as a nutritious protein bar, but wouldn’t substitute for a chocolate bar any day.

4 months ago

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INCREDIBLE - my favorite flavor is peanut butta with chocolate but cookies & cream is slowly creeping up to number 1. Really tasty and definitely recommend!

a month ago

Cleanest bar on the market! I love the peanut butter chocolate bar - it’s so dark from the texture to the taste! Not as much a fan of the almond flavor- but they’re great to have on hand for anytime of the day or night!

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4 months ago

OBSESSED. Don’t know how I lived without these things before. Quality ingredients, low sugar. You feel like you are getting a delicious treat without a major blood sugar spike. 👏🏼😵‍💫

8 months ago

My experience with Mid-day Squares was so so. I love the concept of a functional dessert and enjoy trying new products in this space. To me, it definitely tasted "healthy" more than it tasted like a dessert. My favorite flavor was the peanut butter.

2 years ago

These are soooo good. I honestly cannot believe the healthy ingredient list. I’ve tasted the fudge + almond crunch. Fudge is my favourite so far.

6 months ago

Love love LOVE Mid-Day Squares!!! They are so indulgent while still being good for you! The fudge flavor is the best in my opinion, especially if you are craving chocolate. My only critique is that they're hard to find in stores.

a year ago

These are my new fave treat.


Would love to see these in Whole Foods!

a year ago

The peanut butter flavor is good (although kind of dense and can't eat the whole thing in one sitting), but the other flavors just don't do it for me. I'd rather have any other chocolate.

7 months ago

I love these so much! Prefacing that I’m a super picky eater and have never met a protein bar that I enjoyed until I tried Midday Squares. The peanut butter and cookie dough are my FAVOURITE but every flavour is great. I didn’t find them chalky or too dry like most healthier alternative bars. They’re pretty expensive and I don’t love that they removed the option to buy packages of two, but do love that they’ve started selling 12 packs of assorted flavours. Definitely worth a try if you’re looking for a functional treat!


Bring pack two packs!! A little pricey but they’re delicious as a treat.