Martha Stoumen Wines

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Martha Stoumen operates a vineyard selling wines that represent Northern California with purity and precision.

Martha Stoumen Wines Reviews

Martha Stoumen Wines reviews


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3 reviews

2 years ago

I learned about Martha's wine through an event hosted by Pineapple Collaborative back in 2020, and my roommate and I joined her wine club in early 2021. We've never had a bottle we don't like! The labels are beautiful, too (photo attached shows all the bottles we've saved!), and we love all of the materials that come with the wine so that we can learn about what we're drinking. Would highly recommend to any wine lovers, or anyone looking to support women winemakers!


I've gotten so used to free shipping that I'm always a little shocked at the cost of shipping wine, but that's not a knock on the company as much as it is on... capitalist consumerism!

2 years ago

One of my favorite natural wine producers. All of the wine slaps. Post-flirtation red is perfect.


Sells out too quick!

3 years ago

I was gifted the Mendocino Benchlands 2019 at a little get-together I held. We ended up storing it in the wine fridge as other bottles were already opened. On a following week night making dinner I was looking for a glass to have while cooking. I uncorked this, and discovered my new favorite wine. It reminded me when I tried Meinklang for the first time. It sticks with you and keeps you coming back.


Nothing besides a clearer idea of where to get it locally.