Marin Living Foods

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Marin Living Foods makes 6 different flavors of almond milk with organic ingredients sourced from California.

Marin Living Foods Reviews

Marin Living Foods reviews


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5 reviews

a year ago

Advisor and friend

This is not your average almond milk!! It's beyond fresh and with interesting and unique flavors you cannot find anywhere else. You MUST try it. It's super special and very different than what's on the market. You will not be disappointed!


The freshest ingredients and most interesting flavors you've tasted. Nothing compares to Marin Living Foods quality and taste profile!

a year ago

This almond milk tastes refreshing! Surprisingly light! Not thick at all. It has a unique taste compared to other milk alternatives. I really liked it.

a year ago

Friends with Marin Living Foods

A delightful almond milk experience. As someone who hasn't poured a glass of milk since I was a child, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Marin Living Foods tasted creamy and delightful all on its own. I'd recommend it to almond milk fans and almond milk skeptics alike.


It's good stuff. Plenty of flavors to choose from.

a year ago

Fave almond milk by far, it has lots of flavor and is not chalky like some other non-dairy milks it blends well in my smoothie recipes. (The Matcha is my fave!)