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Manscaped makes the best for below-the-waist men's grooming and hygiene

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Manscaped reviews


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2 reviews

5 months ago

I have not tried any of their tools but I have tried the majority of their grooming products. Nothing in the grooming repertoire stood out and while price point is not luxe, it seems high for what you are getting. Sadly, I wont be trying any of the tools as I have comparable items already.

3 months ago

I feel like social media has hyped this project too much. Too much to a point that i decided to buy this and I was disappointed. As much as they say that this won't nick you or it helps. It still nicked me and it did worse than my original razor. I currently use philips and I'm going back to that. I had the Mandscaped 4.0 but not anymore. I am returning that.