Mai Vino

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Maivino offers a range of single-origin, vegan-friendly wines delivered directly to your door.

Mai Vino Reviews

Mai Vino reviews


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1 review

5 months ago

Maivino is bagged wine with actually good-tasting wine. A lot of the cans/boxed wine don't taste great to me, but Maivino's has always tasted delicious. I started with their White (Sauv Blanc), which is a great staple, but I really love their Amber. I got my MIL the Pinot Noir and she also loved it. It does stay fresh for much longer than the vacuum pump on a bottle, though it's usually gone by week 3. It fits easily in the back of the fridge. I like to try 2-4 new bottles every month and we also use the Coravin for more expensive ones, but I like to keep Maivino in the fridge for nights when only I want to have a small glass (vs. both my husband and I want a full glass and can try a new bottle), or we're not in the mood to try something new and want something reliably enjoyable.