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Lojel sells lightweight, durable, luggage, bags, and travel accessories.

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a year ago


As a weekly business traveler that flies out Monday and flies home Friday, I'm pretty particular about my luggage. I like the concept of the opening but there are two very fundamental pitfalls that make this bag a terrible piece of luggage.


DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP!!! This concept makes a lot of sense but Lojel really messed up the execution. 1) The interior lining is too small for the shell. This stands out when you have it expanded and no matter how much stuff you put in, you will never be able to fill in the corners of the shell because the lining material is only as big as the opening and only as deep as it is unexpanded. 2) The zippers are poorly designed, the angle of the pull tag makes it extremely to difficult to unzip. You need to make sure you're holding it at the right angle before it opens. I'm a weekly business flyer and purchased 3 of these for my family.

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