Lesser Evil

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Lesser Evil makes organic snacks.

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Lesser Evil Reviews

Lesser Evil reviews

Reviews mention

  • Variety of popcorn flavors
  • Use of clean ingredients
  • Unique coconut oil taste
  • Focus on health and quality
  • Not all like coconut flavor
  • Considered overpriced by some
  • Mixed reviews on unique flavors
  • Cheese puffs received mixed responses

Lesser Evil is a favorite for many consumers due to its variety of popcorn flavors and clean, simple ingredients. Their popcorn, cooked in coconut oil, offers a unique, enjoyable taste. However, not all customers are fans of the coconut flavor, and some consider the brand overpriced for the product offered. While some of the unique flavors and products such as the cheese puffs have received mixed reviews, the brand's focus on health and quality ingredients is appreciated.

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5 days ago

This is the only popcorn I will eat. I've never even been a fan of popcorn until I tried this. My bf loves it too and I always make sure to keep a bag for him in the pantry

Himalayan Pink Salt

15 days ago

Lesser evil popcorn is amazing, I usually buy the seasonal flavors and have never been disappointed. The Lemonade is a favorite and in a plethora of Pumpkin Spice products which usually taste like candles or air fresheners, their product is truly fantastic. There is glazed popcorn mixed in with the seasoned popcorn and the spices are complex and delicious. I felt like every bite was better than the last, I should have bought more bags! The Matcha is great but I would reduce the white chocolate to experience more of the earthy Matcha flavor. I am a big fan of the Paleo Puffs, the product is better than cheese doodles in every way. Lighter and tangier and no orange dust on my fingers.

"No Cheese" Cheesiness Paleo PuffsPumpkin SpiceLemonadeMatcha

a month ago

The butter flavor popcorn is one of my favorite snacks to buy! It has a subtle, yet tasty butter flavor, but doesn’t feel oily when eating it. I’ve hooked my boyfriend on it too (who was once a skeptic). The thing that sets this popcorn apart is that it’s cooked in coconut oil which gives it a subtle coconut flavor in the best way.

ButterHimalayan Pink Salt

a month ago

I tried Lesser Evil's popcorn only because I have been looking for healthier alternatives to my everyday snacks. I wasn't disappointed at all. It was fresh, had a nice crunch, and satisfied my snack craving. It had the right amount of salt and did not taste overly processed. It's definitely in my lineup of regular snacks now.

Himalayan Pink Salt

2 months ago

The products I've tried from this brand have been a mixed bag. The cheese Paleo Puffs were extremely disappointing to me, but the Himalayan Gold popcorn is my favorite popcorn ever. Ultimately I love the brand, but it depends on your own personal tastes.

Himalayan Pink Salt"No Cheese" Cheesiness Paleo PuffsHimalayan GoldHimalayan Sweetness

a month ago

100% five stars for the white chocolate and matcha popcorn. Its too good, I dont even care about the price.

6 months ago

Convenient. ate this a lot when I didn’t have a full kitchen. Pretty good.

4 months ago

This is, by far, my favorite pre-popped popcorn. The quality ingredients and variety of plant-based flavors means there are always numerous bags in our kitchen at all times. From traditional Himalayan Pink Salt to Fiery Hot, there is a flavor for every craving/mood. The seasonal flavors, such as the December Match White Chocolate, keep us eyeing the shelves for what comes next. A new favorite, highly recommend the Homer's popcorn for a better-for-you twist on a classic garlic parmesan treat.