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lark sells spring waters, natural sodas, and a barista standard oat milk using a closed loop milkman model.


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2 years ago

The modern day equivalent of a milkman- i love the experience of Lark! You truly are getting your money's worth and also sustainably contributing to a good model of getting what you need.


Tbh the hardest part might just be figuring out the logistics if you live in an apartment building but they're great at taking care of that stuff!

a year ago

I love the concept of a deliverable beverage subscription that focuses on reuse-ability and sustainability. So when I discovered the brand, I hopped on to get 2 cases. While I no longer have a subscription because I think drinking tap water is much more sustainable. I loved Inside Job and Bubbas. There’s something about sparkling water on a hot summers day that just hits different. Very well done on their packaging, marketing, and high-quality beverages that are locally inspired and made.

2 years ago

If you love a really sparkly soda, this is it. I personally find most sodas on the low end of carbonation and a little salty at times, Lark for me was the next level. I think this is the perfect gift for someone who owns a new home or as a birthday gift. It's quietly confident.