KURU Footwear

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KURU Footwear offers a variety of comfortable and flexible footwear to prevent foot pain for men and women.

KURU Footwear Reviews

KURU Footwear reviews


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5 reviews

6 months ago

I absolutely ADORE my Kuru sneakers! I've had flat feet my whole life - even wore orthodics as a kid, but they didn't work - and I often had foot & ankle pain as a result. I especially notice it while running/exercising. My Kuru sneakers have been a godsend for aligning my arches/ankles and whenever I wear them for a run or workout, I don't have any of the weird flat-foot aches and pains. Big fan!!!

7 months ago

I just spent $136 on shoes I cannot return because they were on sale. UGH! They are not supportive. I paid $47 for Clark's loafers at JCPEnney that are better shoes. Now that I've spent that money I'm reading reviews and this looks like a company to avoid!! UPDATE: After making such a fuss, KURU decided I could return the shoes. And now there's a big sale, but I wasn't tempted. How can you say you won't accept returns on shoes, shoes!! It's not like I bought a bath towel from them. I'm just not interested in having to work this hard to find a pair of shoes that fit well.

a year ago

Don't buy kuru, they do not stand behind the warranty or return policy. I bought a pair for $150 and wore them 4 days on the board walk in June and they gave me a blister on my heel because the right shoe, (heel) gave me a blister because it wasn't formed right with the stitches of and no padding. Asked for warranty they denied it for exchange of bad Craftsmanship with proof of picture and no wear on the shoe. The worst shoe I ever bought for that amount of money. If I could post pictures on here I would....oh wait I can to prove how they treat customers, that's ok I bought 4 other pairs of shoes else where since I couldn't wear kuru. Yes I buy a lot of shoes, I have currently about 45 pairs soon to be 44 after I burn my kuru online and explain why.

2 years ago

I was super excited to get it. Per reviews it ran small so I added half a size. It pinched at the pinkie toe area. It was unfortunate because I only wore it thrice is now a permanently unused fixture in my shoe rack. I should have returned it but missed the cut off mark.


Please make the product true to size.

2 years ago

As someone who deals with heel pain and Haglund's deformity, Kuru has become my favorite pair of shoes. Surprisingly they were not recommended by my podiatrist but I came across them based on my research and these shoes are much better than any Brooks. I own a few pairs of Brooks and every day I'm more inclined to wear my Kuru shoes.


Please add some more designs so I can have a few different pairs.