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Kopari makes personal care products from 100% pure, organic coconut oil.

Kopari Reviews

Kopari reviews


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2 months ago

Mixed feelings/reviews about my experiences with Kopari. I was really excited to try their body wash (which is PH friendly) but I actually found it kind of irritating, which was sad, because honestly I really enjoyed the smell. On the other hand, I'm a big fan of their lip gloss. So some items may do better than others.

Lip Gloss

6 months ago

Great natural deodorant! Glides on easy, and smells great. With traditional drugstore deodorant, I was always very aware that I had it on because it came with a very distinct deodorant scent. With the charcoal Kopari, I walk around smelling like a sandalwood candle! Keeps me odor-free all day, even after the gym. They are pricier than traditional drug store brands, but I do believe they’re better for my skin, so totally worth it for me!


4 months ago

Never received my product and when I informed company of this their reply was “Postal Service stated it was dropped off to front porch”. I was then told in an email to basically look at surveillance cameras if available and check with all my neighbors. I didn’t know it was the customers job to track down there package they paid for. Poor customer service so far and no product.

Face cream

2 years ago

I've loved all of the products I've tried from Kopari. The hair masks are my favorite as they pack a ton of hydration. The products are super cute too!

8 months ago

I bought Kopari during the pandemic and was pretty disappointed. I was hoping for a magical deodorant and it was far from it.


a year ago

Received a free product from Kopari

I've tried a lot of Kopari's products and for the most part I love them! The lipglosses have a very light sheen of color to them that just add a little life to my face, the facial moisturizer is light and like a breath of fresh air on my skin, the deodorant smells absolutely divine. My only complaint is that the deodorant is a little quick to melt. The residue always seems to travel to the outside of the stick during application and my armpits feel a little wet and sticky for a good few minutes before I feel comfortable enough to put a shirt on. Otherwise a very wonderful brand that I will be coming back to again and again.


Make the deodorant a little more solid? I don't really know how that works or if that's achievable with majority natural ingredients but just something to consider :)

Lip GlossDeodorant

9 months ago

Excellent quality and the deodorant really works! I received a travel gift set as a gift and loved every product in the set.

2 years ago

I seriously love the lip products and coconut melt. The lip gloss is one of the best and I ALWAYS have one on me. The best lip gloss ever since it doesn't leave my lips sticky but still shiny. Also have used the coconut melt for 4+ years to remove my makeup and haven't found one that I like more than Kopari (this doesn’t have fragrance either which I like more than others that’s do have fragrance). Removes all my makeup and always leaves my skin so soft. Also really love the deodorant not chalky at all, really smooth and natural! Didn't get five since I don't use all their products.

Lip GlossCoconut MeltDeodorant

10 months ago

I've been looking for a natural deodorant that actually works and this is the first one I found that does! I had low expectations based on previous brands so this was a very pleasant surprise.