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Kooshy makes delicious, non-GMO sourdough croutons made with organic flour and olive oil.

Kooshy Reviews

Kooshy reviews


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2 reviews

5 months ago


I found these croutons at my local Lowes Foods grocery store. Typically all croutons give me a stomach ache in response to their not-so-healthy ingredients...not these though!! Their texture is perfectly crunchy, their flavors are just right and they stay fresh in this resealable package. Organic wheat sourdough and yeast are the main ingredients. I use them on salad, in soups, as a snack by itself, dipped in hummus, crumbled over scrambled eggs...

a year ago

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these were super tasty and had a nice lighter texture than some of the jawbreaker croutons i've had before. it's also weirdly hard to find vegan croutons so this plus them being sourdough (my favorite bread) = a big thumbs up