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Knomo makes practical, durable, and functional bags and accessories.

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After a few years of having cheap backpacks from sports brands and never really considering changing – I started hearing more about brands like Away and thought it was worth considering spending more money on something to last longer as my cheap backpacks would literally get shredded to pieces within a couple of months from commuting and being thrown in the car, lots of random photography equipment etc being put in them. Fully planned to get an Away backpack so went to Covent Garden in London to check out their store. Was extremely unimpressed by the quality of the Away backpacks they showed me and the lack of pockets and sections inside. As I came out I saw Knomo's store directly across the street so went in to compare and the quality was night and day. I picked up the Southampton Laptop Backpack for I believe about £130 at the time and it's been my go-to ever since. Key points: + Extremely hard-wearing – I've used it daily from 2019-2022 and it still looks almost brand new + The shoulder straps are nicely padded – I used to have a long commute and would get a lot of neck pain from backpacks I used before, I don't have that problem at all with this back + The slimline design means I'm limited to what I can fit inside it and I'm forced to leave non-essentials at home Would 100% recommend this brand to someone looking for a minimal, durable bag with a lot of pockets and sections inside. In mine I usually carry a 14inch MacBook Pro, Charger Cables, Sony Camera, Battery Pack, Extra Camera Lens, Airpods, Hand Sanitiser All this fits fine, I could easily fit an iPad in as well but anything more than I listed above becomes quite heavy and a little bit stretched.


Having a little bit more flexibility/stretch in the materials would be useful but it does force me to only take essentials with me. Well worth the price and will almost definitely purchase from them next time I buy another bag or luggage.

High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Luxury
5 months ago