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15 days ago

Very nice products, but non as nice as their musk scent. So juicy and delicious.

8 days ago

Great gifts and a luxurious feel at a gym when I don’t have to think about paying for it myself, but I wouldn’t necessarily buy this for my own home. There are products that are equally effective and luxurious that don’t cost this much. But there is brand cache, they deserve credit for that!

4 days ago

Expensive but the midnight recovery oil really makes a difference to my skin. I apply this lightweight oil before I go to bed and wake up with healthier looking and glowing skin. There was no irritation at all. I also love that the website highlights key ingredients thats in the product

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7 days ago

The ultra facial moisturiser is like crack for my skin! Really good quality products which don’t disrupt the texture or break me out. My only reduction is the price, which I feel is a little more than I want to pay, particularly one that I use so often.

Ultra Facial Cream

10 days ago

Great as a facial cream, the ultra light (blue box), not as great mask but still really good

Ultra Facial Cream

10 days ago

Bought a product using a Thingdrop discount

I wonder if companies like Kiehl's pay enough attention when they hire their employees. How important it is to make the customer feel welcome and valued. Or if they get trained or if they get paid enough. I do not want to give my money to a company that doesn't make me feel good when I go to spend my money in them. I do like the products, but I am also aware of many other very good products in the market, I can easily change to a different products and achieve good results. Today I was in the store, I purchased $240 in products, 4 products and exchange some bottles, so I got the discount, that is why I stayed so at least I could use the bottle discount on my purchases, but there is no way I will go back. For sure I won't go back to Richmond Centre, in BC, most probably I will change to another brand. I ALWAYS get samples and tips etc., not today!

6 months ago

the avocado eye cream is a staple in this household. a little bit really does go a long way. Only qualm with that is I've never actually finished a container before it kind of goes bad.

3 months ago

Great products but kinda bummed so many products are in plastic for such a luxury brand.

2 months ago

For a long time, I used Kiehl's ultra-thick moisturizer. It was good. Their products are just expensive.

3 months ago

The eye cream is beautiful - absorbs really well, lasts a long time and does very slightly colour correct. Quite expensive, but worth it if you can afford it.