Karma Drinks

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Karma Cola makes low-sugar, plant-based cola.

Karma Drinks Reviews

Karma Drinks reviews


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3 reviews

2 months ago

Received a free product from Karma Drinks

Refreshing ginger ale! Super cute packaging too. Nice alternative when you don't wanna drink alcohol at a party.

a year ago

I have tried the whole range of Karma Drinks and they never fail to impress. While not a massively frequent drinker of soft drinks when given the option of a drink from Karma Drinks I will take it. Awesome design, authentic cause and a great tone of voice to boot. What's not to like?


New variants and unexpected limited editions would be great to see.

2 years ago

I love the Karma soda line. The drinks are all very good. Sugar free karma cola highly recommended. Great beverage. Wonderful.


More sugar free flavors would send it to the moon! Swapping out xylitol for Erythritol would make it better for most people and even better, specifically nongmo of either sweetener.