Jukes Cordialities

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Jukes Cordialities blends fruits and vegetables to create tasty non-alcoholic beverages.

 Jukes Cordialities Reviews

Jukes Cordialities reviews


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3 reviews

2 years ago

I tried Jukes #6. Jukes is the namesake of celebrated wine taster and writer, Matthew Jukes. Jukes cordialities are small concentrate bottles designed to be combined with water at the point of serving. Each 1 oz bottle is enough for two glasses of the final product. While the choice to name products by number is a bit confusing, it helps lower expectation of a 1:1 replacement for their alcoholic counterpart. With some club soda added, the drink wasn’t exactly wine, but was complex enough to be delicious on its own. It walks a fine line of “special juice” and grown-up beverage. Jukes #6 is primarily blackberries and black currant with a base of apple cider vinegar. It has a peppery spice component that helps it go beyond simply being a juice mix. I also tried the concentrate raw. Honestly, it was much better than I expected. It tasted a bit like a pomegranate juice-based shot I might buy at a health food store to boost immunity or reduce inflammation or whatever.


By choosing to build a drink from the ground up inspired by wine, rather than a direct imitation or an alcohol-removed solution, Jukes delivers something really enjoyable without the baggage of direct comparison.

a year ago

I'm not sober, however I don't always like to drink when I'm going out. Jukes is a great nonalcoholic alternative. It has healthy ingredients (such as apple cider vinegar) which I love as it's not like a typical juice and sugars, like some other nonalcoholic brands. These can be paired with dinner, similar to what you'd do with wine, however are a much healthier option.

2 years ago

This was a really tasty drink. Has a nice similarity to wine but more of a vinegar flavor like kombucha. All around enjoyable!