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Joolie's offers a variety of snack packs featuring all-natural, organic medjool dates.

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25 days ago

These dates taste so fresh! I actually had a different brand on hand alongside Joolies and could taste the difference between the two. The texture was also different from the other brand, not as stringy. The sweetness is so pleasant! It is quite sweet, but doesn't have an overpowering sugary taste. I was so disappointed when the Joolies dates ran out! The package is very fun, I love the little boxes they come in. The dates are a little on the expensive side, but I do feel there is a noticeable difference in taste, texture, etc. when compared to less expensive options.

Organic Medjool Dates

18 days ago

Joolies dates is a constant need in my cabinet/fridge. I have been obsessed with dates for some time now, but it truly developed when I learned about Joolies. The quality, affordability, social media presence, and taste of their dates are amazing. Dates alone taste like caramel and add these with nut-butters, fruit, nuts, and especially in recipes, you will never not want to have Joolies.

Organic Medjool Dates

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2 months ago

I've only tried their Jooliettes (Date Nibbles)- specifically the Blood Orange Dark Chocolate flavor. And I was so "wow'ed" I had to come over here to share. I'm always looking for delicious and unique snacks- and I have to say that this product hit all the mark for something sweet (but not too sweet), flavorful, and fun to eat. I've seen this brand around, but am not always a huge date person in terms of snacking. I'd be very willing and interested to try more of their products that utilize dates, but combine it with other ingredients.

a month ago

Joolie's dates are fresh, sweet, and easily purchased at most retail stores. We love the organic medjool dates for everyday consumption and to sweeten our baked goods or smoothies. Additionally, the Jooliettes are the perfect sweet, better-for-you treat when looking for the perfect antioxidant punch of dark chocolate and dates.

Organic Medjool DatesJooliettes

7 months ago


These dates are delicious, but I don't taste a huge difference for the price. The packaging is adorable and they're easy to bake with!

10 months ago

Current customer

Exceptional quality delicious dates. A little pricy, but you pay for that quality. Every date is perfect; you will never get a weird or dry or small one. The packaging definitely lends to the feel that these are a luxury product. Makes a great gift.