Jewels & Aces

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Jewels & Aces creates The Earring Capsule, a concept of interchangeable earrings to mix, match, and create multiple looks with a few key pieces.

Ships to
Canada, Global, U.S.
November 2017
Toronto, Canada
Grace Wong
Founder attributes
Female-founded, Asian, Minority-owned, Asian-founded
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Jewels & Aces

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Have I been living under a rock, or why did I only discover earring capsules 6 months ago? Genious. It takes zero space for travel and you have a completely new type of jewelry in a matter of seconds. I've worn them every day, the quality is great.


The jewelry box could be made slightly smaller so it's more convenient for travel.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityInnovative product
7 months ago