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Intelligentsia makes freshly roasted coffee.

Intelligentsia Reviews

Intelligentsia reviews


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6 months ago

Excellent coffee, especially their House blend for AeroPress or pour over and their Black Cat Espresso blend for espresso. Their cafes have phenomenal ice coffee as well if you happen to live near one!

house blend black cat

5 months ago

Horrible flavor and aftertaste for their boxed oat lattes. Took a few sips and had to throw away; couldn't stomach it. Sad to say as I usually order an iced oat latte in store.

Ready to Drink Oat Latte

7 months ago

i’ve drank intelligentsia at numerous coffee shops and always had a relatively good experience. i think the quality will depend on the baristas that prepare the coffee, but overall a good choice! their coffee isn’t too acidic, which i like since i’m a relatively new coffee drinker (i typically prefer tea). i will say that there isn’t anything too special about their coffee, but they are reliable.

house blend

6 months ago

Fantastic lattes, knowledgeable staff, high quality coffee. Feels almost scientifically precise. Really appreciate what they’re doing.

house blend black cat

6 months ago

My go to for full bean espresso. Delicious freshly roasted beans - classic espresso Black Cat, and single source beans from around the globe. A huge highlight to stop by in person when I'm in Chicago.

black cat