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Inka makes sustainable food container sets and lunch kits.

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I bought a set of 18 containers in the color nori for myself and 6 containers in Manuka to gift to my sister. They arrived yesterday and they are really beautiful, unfortunately many of the containers were almost impossible for me to open. I am not a weak woman but my small hands coupled with longer length nails made some of them nearly impossible to open. They recommend using a knife to open them if having trouble but a knife didn’t help all that much and using a knife long term would just damage the containers. They are certainly the most aesthetically pleasing food storage containers I’ve ever seen (even the packaging they arrived in!) However they will all be returned. If I were to put food in them I would spill it all over myself while trying to get the lid off. The instructions also say not to microwave any oily foods in them for very long. $260+ for 24 difficult to open containers that can’t even be used to properly heat “oily” foods just isn’t for me.


Ease of opening and better consistency in the containers. Some of the exact same containers were much easier to open than others. If the lid design can’t be changed for easier opening then perhaps selling a little tool designed just for prying the lid off would solve the issue.

High qualityCool look & feelDifficult returns
Sierra S's review of Inka
8 months ago

I bought the "large" size to use as my daily lunch container. The design and aesthetics and colorways are on point. HOWEVER, a key selling point of this product is also its fatal flaw -- the suction of the seal is so strong that I've injured my fingers too many times trying to get it open. It is impossible (no exaggeration) to open if you fully seal it when the food has been in the refrigerator or if it's a little warm. The key is to never seal it fully, which defeats the purpose of the seal. Yes, to be dramatic, this product has caused me both immense physical pain (ouch, my fingers) and emotional pain (imagine starving after a long morning at work and being so excited to eat your beautifully packed lunch, only to not be able to open it for 30 mins).


Must must must be easier to open, my fingers are hurting from trying to type after trying to open my Inka

Cool look & feel
5 days ago

Great website and brand look/feel. The lunch kit wasn't appealing to me, but loved the clean look of the food containers. They are gorgeous and really useful for single servings of leftovers (not for storing large batches of anything.


The vacuum seal is not a joke. These require a bit of a learning curve and some finger strength to open quickly.

High qualityWorth the money 💸Amazing website
a year ago

I decided to purchase the set of 18 and purge all of the contents of my plastics cupboard. The containers are really pretty to look at, stack perfectly and function as described. I rarely have use for the smallest ones, but they're cute nonetheless.


Unfortunately, I've had to keep some of my old containers because the Inka containers aren't suited for a big chili or anything with volume -- they're too shallow. I hope they'll make double depth options shortly, they'd be much more practical and I think appeal to many more people to make the switch. Another small word to the wise is that they shouldn't be filled to the brim. I emptied a can of olives into the lunchbox size container and it created a vacuum seal that almost killed me to get unstuck.

Good for gifts 🎁High qualityCool look & feelWorth the money 💸Fun unboxing 📦Fit just rightAmazing websiteLuxury
a year ago