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Infraway produces wearables and redesigns the use and application of heated products

Infraway Reviews

Infraway reviews


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11 reviews

6 months ago

Love this device, it’s lightweight which makes it convenient for travel and it’s easy to use. I’ve been using my Infraway for a variety of issues. I’ve always had poor leg circulation so I put it on my legs at night to keep things flowing. I also have back/shoulder pain from a car accident and the pad helps to alleviate the pain and tension in those areas. Lastly, I put it around my abdominal area to help with inflammation. It’s truly a great product!

8 months ago

I have had near chronic back pain for almost 10 years now and this device has been amazing for increasing my quality of life and ensuring I can train in addition to just living comfortably. I wear mine every morning before working out and find that it’s great to travel with as well! Highly recommend this to anyone with back pain, and my hack is that it’s also great for cramps if you wear it backwards!

8 months ago

I am so happy to have discovered this life changing company and product. My partner was diagnosed with testicular cancer and few years ago and during surgery there were complications that led to chronic nerve pain. For years we've been looking for some sort of relief. Infraway has helped with our healing process. It's our go to device after nerve blocks, acupuncture, chiro, workouts, you name it. The red light and heat are incredibly soothing and calming and the technology is top tier and innovative. The product truly works and I couldn't be more grateful for it.

8 months ago

Strategic partner

I’m very active which results in the body tightening up. Doing squats caused hip tightness so I threw on the unit and felt immediate relief. It’s a great tool to have in your personal toolbox.

8 months ago

Friends with Infraway

I’ve never had constant relief and mobility like I do when wearing this. I’ve had back pain for years and just toughed it out but for the first time, I have daily relief. Highly recommend!

8 months ago

This product has been an absolute game changer for me and something I wear daily! I highly recommend purchasing, you will not be disappointed!

8 months ago

The L1 is the truth! Whether it is competition or just going on a long drive due to work, Infraway is my trusted sidekick. As someone who suffers from low back pain consistently, I was constantly looking for ways to stay active without having bulky products attached to me while out in the world. The slim design, bluetooth connectivity, and USB-C charging make this the ultimate companion for anyone looking for a perfect fit into their daily activities/routine.

8 months ago

Influencer for Infraway

I herniated a disc in my back a year ago & had trouble getting back to my normal self. This product has been a huge contributor for me getting back to where I was prior. I take it everywhere from the golf course, gym, to yoga studio. Love this product and my only regret is that I didn’t start using it sooner!

8 months ago

Great product! I use it literally every morning as soon as I wake up to start my day. I have scoliosis and thus am dealing with chronic back pain. The Infraway device has helped so much with the general pain and discomfort I experience. The app is easy to use as well. If you have any sort of discomfort in your back at all I highly recommend!

8 months ago

The Infraway is effective & efficient. With an app to go with it, setting up & using the Infraway is easy. The slim design of the L1 allows me to wear it while I work without feeling like I have a bulky device on. I highly recommend this product!

8 months ago


This device is very user friendly, easy to put on and the App makes it simple to collect your data and change the settings on the fly. This App is seamless and user friendly as well. I love my Infraway!!