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Health Via Modern Nutrition sells nutritional drinks and mixes that support health, wellness, and performance goals.

Health Via Modern Nutrition Reviews

Health Via Modern Nutrition reviews


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2 reviews

10 months ago

Yuck! My husband actually bought these and my review is only for the Ketone-IQ Shots. I dread taking this shot bc of the taste! I’ve taken them for a week now and don’t feel any of the benefits to make sense to repurchase considering the price and awful taste.

2 years ago

Ketone-IQ is a super innovative product. Their previous ketone ester was too expensive for most too afford; ketone iq is still very expensive, but it's more reasonable now and the taste is also more palatable, but you'll still want to dilute it with another drink.


the included measuring cup is poor quality and cracks. would prefer not using plastic bottles.