Hop Lark

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Hoplark makes non-alcoholic, hop-flavored drinks using a blend of hops, water, and tea extracts.


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4 months ago

so good. just like beer. crisp, refreshing, and so delicious. love the citra hops chamomile!

3 months ago

Best hop water I’ve tried. All their hop teas are great, but I love the Citra Hops line. Crisp, bubbly, and taste factor on par with beer without the empty calories.

10 months ago

Coming off dry January, Hop Lark was the the one non-alcoholic IPA alternative that I will be drinking year round. The sparkling hoppy tea drinks are caffeinated, and in my experience the energy boost been a better match for social kickbacks and nights in with my hobbies. Looking forward to trying all the flavors.