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Hey Dewy makes a compact and portable ultrasonic facial humidifier.


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10 months ago

Love the idea of this - compact, looks great on my desk, wireless / easy to charge. Really stands out from other personal humidifiers on the market. It just didn't last long enough for me. Would be amazing if they could improve longevity! In the meantime - get the added warranty if you buy and use it loads while within the warranty period to make sure it's not a defective unit (maybe mine was?)


I bought it toward the end of last winter season and only used a handful of times before putting it away for the summer. When I took it back out only the tiniest bit of mist came out and none of the troubleshooting worked. Reached out to customer service but my warranty is no longer valid. Really bummed because I loved it but can't justify buying another if it's only going to last one season.