Hey Champ

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Hey Champ makes chef-crafted candy bars.

Hey Champ Reviews

Hey Champ reviews


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6 reviews

3 months ago

Picked it up at bi-rite because the packaging was so cute. Very sweet but very pricey.

a year ago

The miso candy bar is delicious! Seriously one of the yummiest bites I've had in a while, and I've been ordering a lot of snacks lately. I received it in a Popup Grocer surprise sample box (also reco) and I'm not sure I would have thought to try these otherwise. Super cute & simple branding as well.

a year ago

I was sooooo into the branding and flavor profiles on the package for this product, but when I opened the packet I really sort of felt like I just paid $6 for a Snickers bar the size of my thumb nail. Taste was no better than drugstore candy, 10x the price for the pinprick sized portion. I wish there was more crunch and texture because the flavors sound awesome, but I didn't taste any miso, brown butter, pretzel or rice krispie vibes whatsoever-- it just tasted like milk chocolate candy in someone's Halloween bag. I would absolutely be willing to try again and be proven wrong, because the branding is cute!

8 months ago

tried the brown butter rice krispie with miso caramel and dark milk chocolate. yummy and great branding, but so expensive for a small bar ($4!)

8 months ago

It’s good but overpriced. I could easily make this at home for way more of a value. I think if the size was larger it might be worth it. They do make really tasty candy bars though! I really like the miso one personally.