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Health-ade makes a range of kombucha to support gut health.

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Health-ade Reviews

Health-ade reviews

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Reviews mention

  • Unique, delicious flavors
  • Benefits gut health
  • Available at local stores
  • Often found on sale
  • Bottle is heavy to carry
  • Some flavors watered down
  • Concerns about added sugar
  • Inconsistent taste across flavors

Health-ade is a well-loved brand for its variety of unique and delicious flavors, especially the Pink Lady Apple and Passionfruit Tangerine. Consumers appreciate its gut health benefits and often find it on sale at local stores. However, some complaints include its heavy bottle, which is hard to carry around, and some flavors seem watered down. Some consumers also express concerns about added sugar, which they feel detracts from the health benefits of kombucha.

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