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Hawkins New York makes a range of home goods featuring a minimalist design.

Hawkins New York Reviews

Hawkins New York reviews


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9 reviews

3 months ago

I can only speak to their "reusable ice cubes" but they don't work at all. Do not recommend, they barely get cold and certainly won't cool down a drink.

2 months ago

I bought a dinnerware set. I really like the design, especially the wide bowls. The only down side is I've had two of the edges of the plates chip fairly easily and they no longer make the design I have to replace them.

3 months ago

After owning many different Hawkins products I feel confident I can speak to the range of quality. Items I own and use constantly/would recommend/ The tableware is really what shines - as someone who doesn't like clutter, I purchased four salad plates and four cereal bowls for a two-person household. After using them every day, hand washing, putting them in the dishwasher, inevitably banging them on counters or tables, they look great (I have the 'bone' shade). They were so sturdy I bought the larger bowls and the dinner plates and a serving platter, as well. I love them all. The quality is there and I love the minimalist aesthetic, especially for how expensive tableware can get. I also own a bunch of the dish rags (thick, absorbent, stain easily), some cotton placemats (very thin, shrink in the wash), and a rug (impossible to keep in place given the texture and weight, even with a rug pad). Overall kitchen essentials is where I think Hawkins has really proven its quality, though I'll continue to try other items as I need them.

3 months ago

I got 3 products from this company and all 3 are a lot worse than pictured. The hamper I received was a completely different shape, see picture. I tried to ask Hawkins New York to refund my shipping and return shipping fee but they refused to, saying that the hampers are handmade and the differences in dimensions are expected. I then left a bad review of the hamper on their website noting the differences in dimensions to warn the other shoppers, but the review was never published. Bottom line - do not trust this company.

a year ago

I've loved watching Hawkins grow over the years! Long before Parachute was on my radar, Hawkins linen pillowcases and bedding were the GOAT. Really beautiful, quality stuff that will last a long time.


The waffle robe and towels aren't my favorite-- they sort of don't absorb as much as I'd like. If waffle towels are your thing, maybe check out Onsen instead! Hawkins is great for decor and the really lovely linen pieces that last for a really long time.

7 months ago

Fun home goods - I love their barware and glasses. It can be hit or miss with the brand, but they have good little essentials like candlesticks and bar sets. Good for gifting and new homes

6 months ago

Thanks to our wedding registry, we’ve swapped all our plates and bowls out to Hawkins New York. They’re stylish, stack nicely, and neutral enough to be classy for hosting but not too over the top for everyday. The only reason they’re not 5 stars is that the paint has chipped fairly quickly on a couple items— the chips are tiny, but they’re there. Was hoping for more durability given the price point.

7 months ago

TOWELS THAT DO NOT WORK In May I bought $600.00+ worth of Hawkins New York Simple Waffle Towels from Food 52 in Terracotta color for my husband's bathroom - this color is what I was after and here it was in sets. Perfect I thought! I use similar waffle towels from ONSEN with great pleasure, BUT he almost immediately started complaining about how they do not work and just shmeer the water around. That they were not absorbent. Well, I thought, he just has to get used to them. But when I tried them I realized that he was correct.. THEY ARE AWFUL at the ONE SINGLE function of drying. I see from the reviews that they weren't ALWAYS this bad. People claim they bought them before and when they replaced them recently as in this spring 2023 the quality and their drying ability was ZERO. That water just shmeers around on the skin..and one is left to air dry. Many of the same complaints show up below but without addressing the problem to those who complained I wish I HAD read those before purchasing. The dismal quality of what should be much better at the simple job of absorbing water off skin compels me to offer my own review to warn others off. $600+ dollars is not an amount I want to throw out. I cannot even donate these they are so bad. And before you say waffle towels are different like I said, I USE waffle towels by ONSEN daily and therefore KNOW them first hand.. and would have got them from ONSEN had they that color. Maybe these were a faulty batch I asked, their response was 'NO' they are still made by the same manufacturer, but that does not mean the manufacturer did not screw up. But here is what really irks me.. FOOD 52 has a return policy only if the product is not used and only before 35 days are up. In responding to my complaint Food 52 said they would ask Hawkins, and then claimed Hawkins said no, they are outside of HAWKINS return policy. So Food 52, offered me 20% Shop Credit as compensation while Hawkins said this: *************************************************************************** From: "care@ hawkinsnewyork.com" <[email protected]> Subject: Re: New customer message on October 7, 2023 at 9:31 am Date: October 16, 2023 at 9:13:35 AM EDT Hi I'm very sorry for the disappointment. We have looked into the possibility of a defect, and we have no evidence of such. As per our last email, and Food52, you are welcome to return the unused towels for a return. Please direct all further inquiries to Food52 directly. Best, Sarah ************************************************************************** So which and whose policy am I up against? - Neither FOOD 25 or HAWKINS make these towels. - People are complaining that these towels are NOW bad quality. -Food52 defers to Hawkins -Hawkins defers to Food 52 YET -Hawkins is ready to exchange or replace..see above email and - Food 52 is claiming Hawkins return policy and vice a versa AND I am stuck with towels that don't work. I would be willing to simply exchange the lot for regular terrycloth or some other towels that do not have bad reviews as to their quality.