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Happy Viking makes plant-based superfood nutrition powders, capsules, and liquids.

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a month ago

It’s been a long journey! I wished I found this when I first went plant-based! My favorite protein powder was Nutrition 53’s Lean1 (Smoothie King has this). But sadly, they’ve downsized their products and no longer sell the tropical version. Moving on I also started a plant-based diet so it no longer fit in with my diet habits so I ended up trying 310 Nutrition’s Vegan version…NOPE. Then I went back to Lean1 to try their vegan version…NOPE. Both were chalky and earthy tasting. Long story short, now that I am doing keto/low carb I was looking for something to enhance my smoothies. I had seen ads for this through Blendjet but never paid any attention since I was doing keto and swore off vegan powders until I saw that it was 2 net carbs & Paceline had a deal for $30 bucks off. I’m so glad I decided to purchase it on a whim! This stuff tastes fantastic! There’s still some chalky-ness there but the great taste helps you overlook that! The strawberry tastes like actual strawberry, not that weird bubblegum taste that some powders have and it took away that awful cinnamon taste in Blendtopia's Berry Blend that I couldn't stand. The Greeña Colada actually mimics the taste of the Tropical Lean1 I missed so much so that's a win for me! Now I can have a keto smoothie that packs a punch! I make these two below: Recipe Blendtopia Berry Keto blend (half pouch) 12 of Tropical Punch isopure (one scoop mixed with water) 2scoops of strawberry HV (8 net carbs/320 kcal/ 42g protein) And I make the same recipe switching out the Berry keto blend for the green smoothie keto blend and the strawberry HV for Greeña Collada HV (7 net carbs/320 kcal/42g protein) I love it and will buy it forever!!


I initially rated this 5 stars but reduced it to 4 for a mistakingly false claim of them including "60+ superfoods." The canister only listed 20. When prompted about this they tried to blow me off saying that it meant "60+ superfoods and ingredients all together" Now the website says “60+ functional Ingredients for body and mind”. That's great they changed it and all but I wished they would have notified me or thanked me for bringing this confusing wording to their attention. I will still buy as a customer, though. Also, I wish the companies that make these protein powders could at least put the scoop (and/or powder) in separate packaging to avoid digging for it creating a mess!

Worth the money 💸Love the brand's mission 💕
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