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hangobi makes a natural and plant-based recovery beverage infused with vitamins for active lifestyles.


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a year ago

Just tried the "essential" version, as it was the only one at the grocery store, and the amount of ginger flavor is just right. Super refreshing! It also has turmeric, cardamom, and ashwagandha. Can't wait to try the other two variations!

a year ago

I absolutely love these. They really get me going for the day which is not easy as I’m definitely NOT a morning person. I can’t drink coffee which gives me palpitations so I’m thrilled to have found something that actually works better.


It took me little while to get used to the taste but now I like it with maybe a slight preference for the taste of Awake. For me they’re best very cold and with food though I do sometimes drink them alone midday for a boost.