Habit Skin

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Enjoyable sunscreen? A sunscreen brand that focuses on anti-aging.

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New York, NY, US
Tai Adaya
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Innovative productCool look & feelTravel friendly ✈️
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18 days ago

I bought this because I was excited that it was in a light, mist spray form! However... I was constantly afraid that I wasn't getting enough coverage + when I sprayed it felt super oily and slippery, that I had to pat it down and rub it in afterward in order for it not to leave a sheen. Instead of my face, I started using it on my body (the back of my neck + arms) because I felt my face needed an additional, spreadable protection layer.


The formula is a bit too oily and strong scented for my personal taste and the applicator slightly leaked from time to time.

a month ago

I got this just in time to take it on a trip to rural, coastal Georgia. Like to use face-specific sunscreen on my face because some others have a tendency to run into my eyes and basically ruin my entire day with stinging until I can give my peepers a good flush. Prior to this I had a bottle of Soleil Toujours setting spray with SPF and I think this worked better in terms of sun protection (the ST also has something astringent in it that would sometimes sting). This has an odor that, to me, smelled somewhat herbal. I like it, but it may not to be everyone's taste. It also has a definite oiliness on the face. Some may say it's dewy, but for others maybe too much. I have naturally oily skin and it was right on the line for me. On the beach I didn't care and I wasn't wearing makeup. I've used it prior to putting on makeup in the morning and think it makes everything slide into place nicely, but I wouldn't reapply over makeup for that reason. Overall I liked it and will buy it again, but I'll need to see how it fits into my non-vacation life.


The spray seems anemic sometimes. Hard to tell how much is coming out and how much you're using.

Innovative productCool look & feelTravel friendly ✈️
3 months ago

I got this because it seemed like a great way to put on sunscreen over makeup and reapply throughout the day. It is very easy to use and reapply but it is sticky, and stings my eyes every time. I hate touching my face afterward and have to blot my eyes to deal with the tears from the stinging.


A version that is less sticky to the touch and/or doesn't sting would have me using this again.

Travel friendly ✈️