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Gwell makes plant-based snacks with natural and organic ingredients to help you find your balance.

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a year ago

I discovered Gwell through Food52's Crunchies awards and was initially drawn in by the packaging. I located them at a nearby wellness store and purchased the pomegranate and white tea bites. A small pack was ~$4 and contained 4 bites which were fairly large. The interiors are similar in texture to a pecan sandie, which I enjoyed. The taste of coconut was noticeable, I had a bit more trouble identifying the pomegranate flavor. The sugar coating on the outside was pleasant though.


The branding is very nice and it's cute to have in your pantry. However, their snacks are fairly expensive. You could easily finish the whole bag, but there are other snacks that are more affordable and come in larger quantity- I would recommend trying Gwell once to see if you can justify the price.