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Grüns makes plant-based daily gummies to support gut health, immunity, focus, and more.

Grüns Reviews

Grüns reviews


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6 reviews

a month ago

Love these daily vitamins - makes me want to take them every day as they taste so good!!

3 months ago

I ordered from this brand to try because they had a money back guarantee. The gummies were way to sweet for me- I contacted customer service for a refund and they said it would cost $5 to send the items back for a return. That is not a 30-day money back guarantee! Their customer service was rude and not helpful at all. I would not trust this brand.

2 months ago

I started with a subscription with this company... Four months in, they sent a renewal subscription without my knowledge. I was in the process of moving so things were stressful and I was distracted... I first looked through my entire inbox, trash, spam and promotions folder to see if there was any type of notification email and there was not.... I checked three times in all folders to make sure... When I contacted them to ask if they send a reminder email for a renewal of a subscription like my other subscriptions do... they said they do and that they sent me one...I tried to explain that I did not receive one...going back into my email folders to make sure... contacting them again I tried to see if they had the wrong email or something... They were more interested in trying to prove me wrong instead of being helpful... I have quite a few other subscriptions that I've had for years and if something goes wrong, they are always helpful and accommodating.... This company on the other hand is down right awful... When I tried to leave a review on their Instagram page stating the exact same above ...they blocked me from their account... Just becareful if you want to subscribe with this company all together... maybe the subscription through Amazon would be better...but going through Grüns themselves is a nightmare

2 months ago

Founder of Grüns here. What is this website "ThingTesting"? The reviews I'm reading here are Amazon resellers with shady practices of trying to bulk purchase from our website -- even though that is against our terms & conditions. We refuse their orders and finally got them kicked off of Amazon as well so we can ensure the quality and safety of the products we formulate and sell. It's not even possible for our community to spend $400+ with Grüns on an order or to order 10 units. We're proud of the reviews these resellers shared here on this site, because it shows we care deeply for the community, including if it means upsetting Amazon resellers. Thanks for sharing! P.S. of course I left a 5-star review here. Check out our website to find thousands of reviews with an average of 4.9 stars. Very powerful! Anyway, thanks for giving this a read and doing your research on whether Grüns is a trustworthy brand. We hope we can earn that trust with something as serious as your health.

3 months ago

They are scammers They are scammers! I bought 10 units of goods, they did not send a confirmation letter, did not respond to mail and Instagram, a month later I opened a dispute in Paypal, and there they misled the asistants in every possible way. In the end, they provided a track number, I was able to get the parcel at the post office, but there was one item instead of 10, they refused to refund the money for 9 items, I lost 372$ dollars. Maximum toxic organization, do not contact ever, it will not make you feel better as the energy of the company sucks. Order #15253332

3 months ago

Avoid them. I made an order for $459, they canceled it, I was waiting for a refund but never got my money back, I tried to email several times but never received a response in 3 weeks, I wrote to them on Instagram, left a comment under their postand they blocked me there. I opened a dispute through paypal and I'm waiting for my money back. They are absolute scammers