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Goodles makes nutrient-packed, high protein and high fiber box mac n cheese in a variety of delicious flavors.

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a month ago

Goodles is the modern take on the classic Kraft mac and cheese. When looking for a filling meal with added protein and vegetable-derived nutrition, it's a favorite for children and adults alike. Goodles is easy to make in a pinch with added seasoning with real ingredients, rather than unidentifiable chemicals. Whether at Target or Whole Foods, Goodles is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Down the Hatch is a personal houeshold favorite.

Hatch Chile

24 days ago

Goodles make for a perfect quick WFH lunch! If I'm being honest, I had pretty low expectations for this boxed mac n cheese but was drawn in by their beautiful branding.... that said, I am happy to report that Goodles lives up the the hype! They have some really great flavor options and were very quick and easy to make. I love these for a quick weekday lunch, especially the cacio e pepe flavor!

Cacio e Pepe

25 days ago

I LOVE Goodles! Makes me feel less guilty about enjoying a childhood favorite box of Mac n cheese

Twist My ParmCheddar

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22 days ago

I am someone who is very sensitive to healthy swaps in food but I love this product, just as much as my go-to boxed mac and cheese. They are so delicious and the leftovers are still good too!

23 days ago

I wholeheartedly believe a box of Mac and cheese is one serving ;) so having some extra protein in it is a huuuge bonus. The whole box is usually 500-600 cals which really is not that bad!! And the flavors are honestly fantastic. I’ve l tried maybe 3-4 of the flavors and they all blow me away. I am a big fan

Vegan White CheddarTwist My ParmCheddarCacio e PepeGoodles

15 hours ago

Makes eating boxed mac and cheese feel fancy. I love the different flavors they have, and all have been yummy!

23 days ago

Literally so good. Better than any other mac and cheese. I would never guess it was high protein.

Vegan White CheddarPastaTwist My ParmCheddar

23 days ago

A healthy alternative to my typical box mac n cheese?! Sign me up! I first say Goodles in Whole Foods and was drawn in my the bright and fun packaging, a major selling point for me. It was very easy to make, resembling any other box mac n cheese with pasta and a package of cheese to add in after. Having alternative flavors to the classic cheddar mac, like Cacio E Pepe, is a win in my book as a self-proclaimed adventurous eater. I think Goodles is a great alternative to your typical box mac n cheese brands if you're looking for a healthier alternative.

Twist My ParmCacio e Pepe

23 days ago

Best tasting protein mac and cheese. I love most of the flavors and it's easy to prepare.

PastaTwist My ParmCheddarCacio e PepeGoodles

23 days ago

As someone who is constantly looking for sneaky ways to add more protein into my diet, AND as someone who haaates figuring out meals/lunches, Goodles is one of my recent favorites. The cacio e pepe and truffle are my go-tos. I'll probably never go back to "regular" mac n cheese.

Here Comes The TruffleCacio e Pepe