Goodie Girl

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Goodie Girl makes delicious yummy cookies with no artificial ingredients

Goodie Girl Reviews

Goodie Girl reviews


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3 reviews

12 days ago

I've only tried one flavor of cookie from this brand, but what I've tried is really good. The brown sugar cookies taste like a classic sugar cookie except with that extra sweetness because brown sugar is in them. I really want to try other cookie flavors from this brand because they have good ingredients, but the price is too high for me to buy them normally.

2 days ago

My husband loves these. These are so good. We love the s’mores ones. They are also affordable!

7 months ago

I saw this brand in my local Target - they have a gluten-free version of the Girl Scout's Thin Mint Cookie. I was in!! It tasted fantastic, pretty close to the original. Instead of having to wait all year round for the Thin Mint (my personal favorite Girl Scout cookie) I love that I can pick these up at my local Target. Plus, the ingredient list is a lot better.