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Good Good makes a range of naturally-sweetened, keto-friendly jams, snack bars, and more.


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a year ago

I tried the strawberry jam and for being really low sugar I was impressed. It tastes like normal strawberry jam - maybe slightly less sweet but overall I did not notice a difference. The only difference for me was the consistency is a bit thinner than normal jam.

9 months ago

Really been missing PB&J sandwiches since I went low carb. Saw the strawberry jam in the store and had to try it. It tastes like the ingredients: strawberries. It’s a no sugar added jam. Just the berries. And I like it. I put it on a carb balance flour tortilla from Mission, with some good ole Skippy peanut butter, roll it up into a wrap, tastes like a regular PB&J sandwich with less than half the carbs.


It is a little thinner/more watery than your typical jam. If it were thicker it would be a bit easier to spread evenly.