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Golde makes superfood self-care for all with 100% natural and vegan-friendly latte blends, powders, superfood skincare and more.

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January 2017
Brooklyn, US
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Female-founded, Black-founded, Asian, Asian-founded
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Amazing websiteHigh qualityCool look & feelTasty πŸ˜‹Worth the money πŸ’Έ
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17 days ago

I absolutely love Golde. I've been a fan since 2018, and I'm so impressed at how the brand has continued to grow their brand and product line. My new favorite product is the Coconut Collagen - it's tasty and the perfect coffee/match add for those who aren't into regular collagen peptides. Also, their matcha is the absolute best, and I'd highly recommend going for the larger size option. Also, it ships so fast!


Perhaps the only thing I would suggest is to transform their Turmeric packaging to some type of jar, so it's easier to access? I'm not a big fan of zip-up bags.

Fun unboxing πŸ“¦Good for gifts 🎁Worth the money πŸ’ΈTasty πŸ˜‹High qualityLove the brand's mission πŸ’•Works really wellCool look & feel
3 months ago

I've been searching for affordable high-quality matcha powder. I was so impressed at the quality, it’s hands down the best!

Worth the money πŸ’ΈAmazing website
3 months ago

LOVE THIS BRAND! The owner is amazing and their products work SO WELL! The packaging is fun and makes you want to grab it right off the shelf. The OG turmeric latte is my fave.

Cool look & feelLovely customer supportAmazing websiteLuxuryHigh qualityInnovative productWorks really wellTasty πŸ˜‹Worth the money πŸ’ΈLove the brand's mission πŸ’•
3 months ago

The matcha powder and matcha turmeric latte blend are really delicious, work really great as energizing morning drinks.

Worth the money πŸ’ΈHigh quality
3 months ago

I tried the masks, it was amazing for my skin, especially the papaya one!


I was surprised by the dry mask and wasn't sure how much I was supposed to use -- ended up using half the container for one mask!

Smells amazingHigh quality
4 months ago

I make matcha with Golde's matcha powder nearly every day, and it's one of the best matcha powders I've tried. It dissolves easily, and has a very high-quality flavor. I've also really enjoyed the new products that Golde's team continues to roll out β€” the Super Shrooms is a great non-caffeinated beverage, and their cacao turmeric is a fun alternative beverage too. I'll also add that anytime I place an order, it arrives incredibly quickly!


I don't love the packaging for their smaller Pure Matcha β€” I can never get all of the powder out easily, and transferring it from from the sealed bag it arrives in to the tin is always a bit messy.

Lovely customer supportHigh qualityEco-friendly packagingFun unboxing πŸ“¦Tasty πŸ˜‹

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