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Godiva makes premium, artisanal chocolate using Belgian craftsmanship and quality ingredients.

Godiva Reviews

Godiva reviews


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6 months ago

Godiva is premier Belgian chocolate. These make great gifts. There's not a single bad flavor but milk chocolate salted caramel, the salted caramel lion of Belgium, and the white chocolate raspberry star are my favorites.

5 months ago

Their in-store experience is really nice. Their chocolate covered strawberries are insanely good!!!

3 months ago

8ish years ago, I would have given Godiva 6 stars (for shopping in store). Affordable, delicious, chocolate with plenty of options to choose from. Every Christmas I would have hand selected box of chocolates in my stocking. This is not high end chocolate, but it is satisfying. Also teenage me LOVED their chocolate shakes.... it would be highlight of my trip to the mall! And remember their reward system? You'd get a free chocolate every month... those were the days.... Anywho, I feel that over the years as Godiva has pushed to sell more pre packaged products, their quality has declined. I think their sales has declined as well, as most Godiva stores I know of have closed down. I would only suggest their boxes that sell individual truffles and chocolates. Avoid the bars and those plastic wrapped chocolates in the bag. After over a decade of being a loyal Godiva customer, I no longer shop at Godiva. I have moved on to high quality (and more expensive) chocolates. But I will never say no to eating Godiva if put in front of me.

8 months ago

I'm a big fan of their branding, and they definitely have some delicious chocolates! I've got friends who are obsessed with their chocolate too. It's the perfect treat to give as a gift, and they have a wide selection to choose from. Oh, and have you tried their Godiva liquor? It's my personal favorite. It adds a delightful twist to the chocolate experience.

8 months ago

Fun fact this is literally the only chocolate my mom will eat. We get her the biscuits for Christmas every year. When my boyfriend was going to meet my parents for the first time he was going to pick up a box of Lindt chocolates, and I STRONGLY advised for him to spent the extra dollar and buy Godiva instead. First impression was well made thanks to these guys. It's always in my house and I grew up thinking it was super fancy - I think it's a good brand to get that feels bougie without really breaking your wallet. It's a step up from Hershey's, not quite luxury, but nothing insane.

6 months ago

A classic chocolate brand that I feel you can't go wrong with. I've given Godiva chocolates as gifts many times before, especially around the holidays, and they always make for a sweet treat.

8 months ago

I love Godiva chocolates. There used to be a store at my local mall growing up and I would always drop by to get the free monthly chocolate. I enjoy getting an assortment and flipping through the identification booklet