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Glosshood makes a hydrating lip gloss-balm.


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5 months ago

The Holyyy Gloss Bomb is literally my holy-grail product! It's more like a luscious treatment for your lips than a standard gloss. It truly feels like a unique experience. The minty feel from the peppermint oil is EVERYTHING, in the best way. Plus, the website is one of my faves out there. Such a dope brand identity. Can't wait for more products and my next re-up!

6 months ago

The branding is so beautiful and fun. I really liked the product at first but overtime, I realized that it didn't have any long-lasting hydrating effect? I kept having to reapply because it couldn't hold a glaze. It actually feels more like a lip oil than a gloss-balm. The minty scent and flavor are nice too, but can get really overwhelming after some time.


I would not recommend for those with very very dry lips.

a year ago

Love the oil/gloss mix of the product. It's my go-to for daily hydration and I keep it at my desk. I wish they would come out with more products or a tinted version.


The faux metal cap came unglued to the plastic top a month or two after using it. Not a big deal, but it did make the component feel a little cheaper.

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a year ago

Glosshood has been a daily staple for years. It nourishing and just has an amazing feel. Stock up on each order because Glosshood is also perfect for gifting.

a year ago

The website is so fun and innovative. I found this brand during COVID, so the fact there is a lipbalm/gloss hybrid that you don't have to put your fingers in for application was a huge sell for me. It wears as a salve, and the mint flavor helps keep your breath fresh!



a year ago

I’m so picky of lip products, I’d rather do without but GLOSSHOOD has changed the game for me. Gloss is dewy not sticky, light weight, and the branding is so dope and fun. Overall one of my staple products!

a year ago

I love glosshood, their mission and really excellent product. The gloss is hydrating lightweight and not sticky. I absolutely love using it to wrap up my skincare routine

a year ago

I absolutely LOVE glosshood. Having smaller lips, I was never confident but when I wear glosshood that changes!!! The shine without the sticky is my favorite. It enhances my natural lip color without changing it and feels like heaven. 10/10 would recommend



a year ago

I love Glosshood’s Holyyy Gloss Balm Hybrid. I’ve had the opportunity to purchase it multiple times and have recommended to friends. Gloss Balm is the best of both worlds: you get high gloss without stickiness and the nourishment and hydration of a balm. Highly recommend! Additionally, the packaging and marketing are well-thought and highly executed. Excited for more products from Glosshood in the future.

a year ago

Received a free product from Glosshood

This is the perfect go-to lip product, whether I'm wearing it alone or on top of a liner, this product never fails to give me the perfect amount of gloss. Plus, it has a mild-yet-refreshing peppermint scent. 10/10 recommend!