Garden of Life

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Garden of Life makes nutritional supplements using whole food ingredients.

Garden of Life  Reviews

Garden of Life reviews


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3 reviews

3 months ago

This has become an essential part of my daily routine. The clean, vegan formula delivers 20 grams of protein per scoop, and the lack of grittiness makes it easy to mix either by shaking or blending. The probiotics are a welcome addition to the recipe, keeping my digestive system working smoothly and my tummy happy. I use the protein powder in my matcha in the morning or plain yogurt after quick gym session hunger. What I appreciate most is how I don't experience bloating or sluggishness afterwards. With no added sugars, I feel satisfied and energized without the unpleasant side effects. Definitely one of the best protein I’ve used in years.

a year ago

I use their collagen, though I know they’re known for their vitamins and probiotics. I’ve tried various collagen products, to clear my acne, and overall this is one of my favorite! There is little taste and it mixes into a drink easily.

7 months ago

Garden of Life is one of the 1st whole-food plant-based products out there. While they make all kinds of products, their vegan protein shake mixes is what attracts me to this brand. While they are vegan, they are actually whole-food plant-based, including their sport protein powders. My only recommendation is to figure out how to get rid of plastic in most of your products.